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Your Own Geo-Filter on Snapchat – Starting at $5!

Your Own Geo-Filter on Snapchat – Starting at $5!

If you are hosting an event with attendees between ages 13 to 30, you cannot ignore Snapchat’s latest announcement. Today, Snapchat rolled out a new feature that allows its users to create a personalized geo-filter. Before this, geo-filters were only available to large brands. Now, for $5, users can create a geo-filter for any reason.

If you’ve been paying attention to Snapchat, you know that the platform thrives on a few key elements:

  1. Snapchat is personal • Asking for someone’s phone number is less personal than asking for someone’s Snapchat. With Stories, Snapchat is the most intimate social media out there. We get to experience, in first-person, what other’s see.
  2. Snapchat disappears like real life interaction • Knowing that a snap is happening in real time matters to people. More importantly, Snapchat is one of the only platforms that replicates how we interact in real-life. I.e: When we see our friends on the street, that moment does not last forever. As soon as we “lived” the moment, it’s over. Because of that, people are attentive and viewing Snapchat with some sense of urgency – which brings me to my last point here:
  3. People are paying attention to Snapchat! • When I say people, I’m talking about most of 13-25 year-olds, many of 25-35 year-olds, and even some of 35 year-olds and up!


Gary Vaynerchuk wrote an amazing piece about Snapchat – Read it here


Ok. So what’s the fuss about this announcement? Geo-filters make snaps more personal and more real-time. Here are some ideas to get your marketing ideas flowing:

Restaurants can create a personalized geo-filter (i.e: one for Taco Tuesdays and/or happy hour). When customers in that restaurant take a snap, they get to share their location, share the fun, and spread the word to their friends – who are likely to be paying attention to this in real-time, prompting more foot-traffic for the restaurant.

Ikea can create a geo-filter for their new product-line for it’s many young shoppers. Gyms can create geo-filters to promote and share their new deals. Museums can create a personalized geo-filter for one of their exhibits. Real-estate agents can create geo-filters for their open-house event. Rotary Clubs can create a geo-filter to share their ongoing service projects to attract younger members.

Make it funny, make it exciting and most importantly, make it something Snapchat users want to share.

Here are some key points you should know:


  • The minimum area for a geo-filter is 20,000 sqft.
  • The price goes up based on the size of your geo-filter and duration of the geo-filter
  • Snapchat will have to approve your geo-filter
  • Creating a geo-filter is easy; creating a good filter requires some design skills


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