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Project Doing Good Beta Newsletter 2

Project Doing Good Beta Newsletter 2


Hello Rotarian leaders!

My name is Mitty Chang and I am the Creative Director at Candeavor, and one of the team leads for Project Doing Good.

Last August, our team proposed to Rotary International the offer of a free landing page website for every Rotary club in the world. On January 20, 2016, we realized that dream when we made the official announcement for Project Doing Good at the Rotary International Assembly in San Diego, California.
As many of you know, Project Doing Good is a not-for-profit service that our agency is providing exclusively for Rotary clubs right now. At Candeavor, we encourage all of our team members to participate in social good organizations, and we also encourage our team members to spend 20% of their workdays on personal projects. This culture — called “20-time” — is something that successful tech companies, like Google, do as well. Project Doing Good began as a collaborative 20-time project, born out of love for Rotary by our team members who are part of Rotary.

All of us on Team Candeavor respect the work that Rotary does around the world, and we think it’s about time that we make more people aware of the good Rotary does. Project Doing Good is meant to help promote Rotary’s good work by elevating its digital presence and storytelling by giving Rotary leaders the tools they need to do just that.

Many people ask us how do we make money off of Project Doing Good, or what we have to gain from it. The truth is simple: Project Doing Good brings in $0 in revenue and we have no plans on changing that. We started Project Doing Good with pure intentions to just give back to a great humanitarian organization that has touched the lives of so many of our team members, and we intend to continue that principle. Think of Project Doing Good as our way of giving back; our agency’s service project.

We are excited that we already have over 20% of the 500+ Rotary districts in the world participating in our beta program for Project Doing Good. Rotary leaders have embraced this free service, and we are happy to receive feedback from our beta participants.

As we continue testing our service over the next four months, in preparation for our July 1st launch to all Rotary clubs, we need your help. We need Rotary leaders to continue testing the service during the beta, and to tell us what you think. Our goal is to smash the bugs and improve the user functionality before we officially launch on July 1st. 
Together, we can spark a digital movement in the world of Rotary that we hope others will join in on.
We are also actively creating new beta accounts daily from the beta account requests that continue to be submitted. If you know a Rotary club that you think would be interested in helping us test the beta for the landing page, then have them go to and having them submit the beta account request form. If you have any questions about Project Doing Good or need help, you are always welcome to reach out to our team at [email protected]

Thank you for your service to Rotary! Until next time fellow Rotarians, this is Mitty from Team Candeavor, signing off.